Since its inception in 1961, the EFL Cup has known many guises. Thanks to its myriad different sponsors over the years, the moniker by which you most identify with the three-handled trophy probably gives a good indication of the era in which you began watching football.

Some will remember it as the Rumbelows or Coca-Cola Cup, while the younger among us might associate it more with its recent Capital One and Carabao sponsorship deals.

However your refer to it though, the EFL Cup has been the subject of debate and criticism over the last 20 years. Widely regarded of as English football’s third most important piece of silverware, some believe the tournament to be somewhat of an inconvenience in a crowded calendar.

Others, meanwhile, feel top clubs don’t take the EFL Cup seriously enough, devaluing the competition by fielding weakened sides in the early rounds.

But none of this means that the any club entering the EFL Cup in not fully intent on winning it. Indeed, some managers, such as four-time winner José Mourinho, value it highly as the first available major trophy of the season.

In all, 23 different teams have raised the EFL Cup. Can you name them?