Premier League
VIDEO: The best of Liverpool v Manchester United

It may not be the Manchester or Merseyside derby, call it what you want but Liverpool v Manchester United is one of the most anticipated fixtures of the season. Sunday should be no different. Jürgen Klopp’s side are genuine title contenders, with the away side struggling to reach the top four under José Mourinho. Regardless of who is in charge, both sides have enjoyed varied success over the year...

VIDEO: Liverpool v Manchester United combined XI

It must be a long time since Liverpool and Manchester United played each other pre-Christmas and were so far apart in the table. Sixteen points separates them, and it looked like putting together a combined XI for these two teams would be a heavily skewed affair. If both teams were fully fit, Anthony Martial might be the only United player to deserve inclusion against his Liverpool counterpart, S...

Alisson v De Gea: The truth behind the debate

Liverpool and Manchester United have a long and intense history. In the Premier League era, the two have grown to be close in titles, although in the past decade the pendulum of competitiveness has swung one way and now the other. These days, however, they are no longer the league table rivals of old. The most feverish competition between fan groups, then, has moved into proxy wars, outside of the...

Title-chasing Reds are right to target Groß

‘Pascal Groß to Liverpool’ is the kind of transfer rumour that’s hard to place. It’s not so ridiculous that it can be immediately dismissed, but it’s not obvious enough to be treated without suspicion. Groß, the Brighton player? The one who has one goal and zero assists in an injury-impacted season? To join a team for whom ‘heavy pressing’ is still one of their characterising features? But then fo...

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