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Race for the Champions League: who will join Man City and Liverpool?

The 2018/19 Premier League season is inching ever closer to completion yet there is still plenty to play for. Liverpool and Manchester City will dual it out for the title. Cardiff City and Brighton and Hove Albion will battle to avoid relegation. And then there is the race for the Champions League. With less than a month of the season remaining, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Manchester United and Ch...

Premier League sides should consider giving Philip top Billing this summer

It’s always a gazelle, isn’t it? The plucky prey of choice for the wild’s most fearsome predators. Yes, a gazelle can run, it can offer resistance, but its fate is often sealed before the chase has begun. Huddersfield Town are the Premier League‘s gazelle. The club from West Yorkshire have been a plaything for the rest of the division – except, rather ironically, Wolves. Ba...

Carel Eiting: the lost member of Erik ten Hag's Ajax masterpiece

The buoyancy currently permeating Ajax is widespread, but not universal. Of course, certain members of the squad must feel like they can walk on water. At 21 years old, Barcelona-bound Frenkie de Jong is being hailed as a midfield genius. Matthijs de Ligt, their talismanic 19-year-old leader, looks set for a glittering career whether or not he follows his fellow golden boy to the Camp Nou. Dušan...

3 days ago
Quiz: Name the top scorer from every Europa League season since 1999

No matter if it’s been called the UEFA Cup or the Europa League, the secondary club tournament in Europe has always been in the shadow of its big brother: the Champions League. Yet that doesn’t mean the competition hasn’t provided intrigue, drama and incredible results over the years. And UEFA’s decision in 2016 to give the winners an automatic Champions League spot has certainly...

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