Chelsea's woes Sarri-ous or down to imploding stars?

 • by Football Whispers
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Maurizio Sarri is on the brink at Chelsea. According to several reports, defeat to either Malmo in the Europa League on Thursday or to Manchester City in the League Cup final on Sunday will bring an end to his reign at Stamford Bridge.

The Italian has divided the Blues fanbase since he took charge last summer. Some view him as stubborn, wedded to a football philosophy that simply will not work in English football. Others believe the players are to blame, that they are unmotivated and unwilling to adapt to Sarri’s methods.

Never one to shirk a challenge, we at Football Whispers dived into the middle of this debate and looked through the data for this week’s episode of Three Minute Myths to find out.

The results were certainly interesting… and they may not be what many Blues fans expected. Whisper it quietly in certain corners of Stamford Bridge – and social media – but it appears Sarri may feel hard done by if he is sacked in the coming weeks or months.

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