Three Fantasy Gems That Can Save Your Season

 • by Football Whispers
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Your Fantasy Football team is our concern and we’re back ahead of Gameweek 28 with three more tips to keep your side in with a shout of topping your mini-league come May.

We’ve prioritised a trio of players with favourable looking fixtures coming up –sometimes it’s about playing the long game – but have shunned the obvious and steered clear of the top six.

Our selections may just give you a chance of clawing back any deficit that might sit between you and your mates, using those increasingly valuable differential picks.

As a result, it’s Watford, Leicester and West Brom‘s finest that feature in this week’s show.

Jamie Vardy in particular looks a more-than-decent shout, with Leicester facing just two members of the top six in their remaining eleven games. And while he’s still valued at less than £9m, he ought to be considered a bargain.

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