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Pick and share your Crystal Palace side to beat Bournemouth

 • by Bobby Gardiner
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Roy Hodgson‘s Crystal Palace travel to Bournemouth on Saturday, and will be hoping for a result to increase the likelihood that they stay in the Premier League this season after a disastrous start.

Palace currently have 30 points from 32 matches. Bournemouth, meanwhile, have 37 points and are in 10th place.

Our algorithm has predicted the Palace side it believes will start the game.

Football Whispers uses data to predict teams’ starting XIs, taking into account injuries, suspensions, the statistical likelihood of a player being selected, the competition the match is in, players’ previous performances and the opponent’s style.

And you can also give it a go yourself. Just click ‘create your own’ on the line-up at the top of the page and pick your ideal XI for the game.You can also see each player’s stats once you’ve selected them.

When you’re happy with your team, press confirm and you’ll be able to share it with your friends via social media.

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